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ReeferTrak Sentry tracking, monitoring and control system.
       a.  Every 15 minutes a message will be sent from the tracking unit to an on line website where dispatch and the customer will be able to view and print out:
    Trailer ID

  1. Time of message delivery
  2. GPS location
  3. Service state: on, off, shutdown
  4. Mode of operation: off continuous, start/stop
  5. Fuel level
  6. Temperature set-point
  7. Temperature return
  8. Temperature discharge
  9.  Temperate ambient
  10.  Battery voltage

       b.  In addition: if there is an alarm that goes off(unit shuts off, temperate set point deviates 7F from temperature probe, low battery voltage, etc.) a text message is sent to each dispatcher’s cell phone indicating the alarm. In addition, an email is also sent out to Universal Services reefer dispatch.

… The right choice for your custom  temperature controlled shipping needs

All Equipment will have visible Universal Lines DOT signs
Tractors:        a. 5 years old and newer, top of the line Peterbilts.
                         b. Both  fuel tanks will be full upon request to the shipper to help                                                                        eliminate unnecessary stops.

Trailers:          a. 7 years old and newer, 53’ Wabash trailers with Carrier Reefer units.
                          b. Cargo Defender Security System
                          c. Sensitech Thermal Mapped Certificate to NIST Standards
                          d. Temperature Sensor Calibration Certificate traceable to NIST
                          e. 50 gallon fuel tank will be full upon arrival to shipper.
                          f. Units will be run on the continuous setting.
                          g. Full chute for air flow.
                          h. Vent holes will be plugged upon request.
                          i. Glad hand lock install when parked.


All drivers are approved by Universal’s strict guidelines and go through required quarterly training on our standard operating procedures. In addition to that, drivers will be:
   a. approved according to the CSA  standards.
   b. clean cut, presentable, yes sir and no sir drivers.
   c. well rested with maximum driving time when possible at pick up.
   d. they will have at least 1 year experience with reefer freight.
   e. well trained on safety procedures handling temperature sensitive freight.

Every trailer is Thermal Mapped by Sensitech, the leader in Thermal Mapping and they issue a report qualifying the trailer for thermal integrity.   Every trailer is retested every 18 months to capture the seasonal changes.  The report for each trailer is available upon request.  In addition, every month the reefers are tested at Universal Truckload's garage to ensure they are working properly and the tests are recorded in the monthly maintenance report.

Real time tracking capabilities.
     a.  Customers will be able to track their product on line with updates every 15 minutes that will included everything listed in section 5. (temp. monitoring)

24 hour Security



24 Hour Temperature Monitoring.  

(800) 487-4425

In a time where theft is becoming a serious issue, we are an industry leader in security.  We have been in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years and have learned the best practices in high value freight management.  We have a high tech cargo security system install on every trailer called Cargo Defender which additional information is available under the security tab above. If a trailer is stolen, we have a contract in place with Tracell which is a securities management firm for immediate aid in recovery with the correct authorities.

In addition, we have very strict security protocols for hauling pharmaceuticals signed by each driver with immediate termination if they are found negligent. At all times, the drivers are being monitored via StarTrak on the web by Universal Truck Load Services. 

From 7:30am-5pm the reefer division in Murrysville, Pa primarily handles the monitoring and after 5pm the monitoring is primarily done by Universal Truck Load Services in Warren, Mi with SOP’s in place for both companies available upon request.