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Securing The Supply Chain Every Shipment

The Cargo Defender Security System was developed by the Universal Truckload Validated Refrigerated division in conjunction with StarTrak, the driving force in cold chain management and Tracell, the M2M leader in communication and security. We have developed the ultimate security system to protect the custom freight we haul. In a time where cargo theft is a serious concern, we will ensure you product is safe and secure throughout the transit.

Cargo Defender consists of two separate tracking systems. StarTrak ReeferTrak Sentry is our primary tracking system reporting every 15 minutes via the T-Mobile Network.  Backing up the StarTrak system is our Tracell unit which is covert in nature and primarily for recovery once a unit is stolen. It runs off the Sprint network and has a 3 week battery supply once activated. Running off two different cell networks guarantees us a working cell connection.  If a trailer is stolen, we have a contract in place with Tracell which is a securities management firm for immediate aid in recovery with the correct authorities. These systems are tested once a week to ensure operations.  

In addition, we have very strict SOP's for our drivers and operations signed by each person with immediate termination if they are found negligent. There SOP's include, when parked anytime, all trailer will have a glad hand lock and high security pad lock installed. You must drive 200 miles from shipper. Showering must be done before you load or the next morning. There are also SOP's for lost and stolen trailers, pharma loads, operations, check calls, and monitoring center. These are all available upon request.  Cargo Defender security system is a highly technological system which continue to improve as the technology improves to make sure your freight is safe and secure throughout the supply chain.

"The intelligent solution to securing the supply chain"